1. Question: Do the grips really help alleviate sweaty hands?
    Answer: ABSOLUTELY. That’s why we show videos spraying our hands with ridiculous amounts of water. Our grips are made from the highest-quality materials that deliver the most comfortable grip and moisture-wicking capabilities possible.
  2. Question: What does antimicrobial mean?
    Answer: An antimicrobial, antimicrobial agent or antimicrobial product is one that is capable of surpressing the growth of microorganisms or germs.
  3. Question: Do you treat your products with any chemical agents to make them antimicrobial?
    Answer: No. We do not spray or add any chemicals to the materials. The composition of the materials used possess properties that make them antimicrobial.
  4. Question: How do the grips feel?
    Answer: For starters our grips DO NOT make the controller feel bulky or distort the natural shape of the controller. The grips are actually quite thin but just thick enough to provide a firm padded surface. The outer layer has a textured surface that gives the grip a nice grippy comfortable feel.
  5. Question: How are the grips applied?
    Answer: The grips are applied to the controller in the same way you would apply a sticker: Peel, Stick, Play.
  6. Question: Does SquidGrip use a permanent adhesive?
    Answer: No. We use non-permanent adhesive that will NOT damage the plastic on your controller.
  7. Question: When being removed, do grips leave behind a sticky residue?
    Answer: Usually not. However, we’ve noticed that the grips stick differently to different kinds of plastic. If you peel the grips off too fast the top layer of material can tear and leave the foam sticking to the controller. If this occurs, try and peel away at the edge of the foam so that you can peel as much of the grip off along with the adhesive. The best way to remove the adhesive is to use the sticky side of the removed grip and firmly push and twist against the area where the residue resides. You can always use a plastic-safe adhesive remover to remove any left-over residue. Please visit our website and watch our videos on removing stubborn grips.
  8. Question: Can grips be cleaned?
    Answer: Yes. For lint and loose debris – a lint roller works excellent. Take a lint roller and just roll it over the grip. If your grips are really dirty – use a wet/damp cotton towel and gently rub the surface until clean. Allow the grip to air dry for 20 minutes.
  9. Question: How many SquidGrip Grips come in a package?
    Answer: XBOX 360 (2 grips), PS3 (2 grips),
  10. Question: Are SquidGrip products sold in any retail stores?
    Answer: Currently SquidGrip products are only available online. However, our products can be shipped all over the world and we are in the process of establishing world-wide distribution into retailers through various distributors.
  11. Question: I own a small independently owned retail store and would like to sell SquidGrip, can I buy from you and resell your product?
    Answer: Yes. We will either refer you to one of our distributors or if there is no distributor for your territory we will provide you with your own an account at www.squidgrip.com.
  12. Question: How long do the grips last?
    Answer: Everyone plays and holds their controller differently so it’s hard to say. For most gamers the grips hold-up and endure hours and hours of heavy gameplay and abuse. We have many beta-testers that are hard-core gamers who have had their grips on their controller for over a year. Given a lot of rubbing and friction over time the grips will eventually show some light wear & tear. Most gamers usually replace their grips not because they’re worn-out but instead because they wanted to go with a new badge design (appearance).
  13. Question: Do you offer a product warranty?
    Answer: Yes. If you have received a product that you believe to be defective, or are not completely satisfied with your purchase for any reason, please contact support@squidgrip.com for assistance within 30 days to receive details on obtaining a RMA# (return materials authorization number). All returns must include an RMA# for us to properly credit your account or perform exchanges. Refunds: Due to the nature of the product, to be eligible for a refund product(s) must be returned in like new condition with the adhesive backing intact.
  14. Question: How are products shipped?
    First Class
    First Class w/ Delivery Confirmation
    Priority Mail w/ Delivery ConfirmationUPS:
    3 Day Select
    2nd Day Air
    Next Day Air Saver
    Next Day Air
  15. Question: What is the timeframe for shipping in the United States?
    Answer: Shipping within the U.S. takes anywhere between 2-3 business days.
  16. Question: Do you ship internationally?
    Answer: Yes. International orders can take anywhere from 3 to 4 weeks, depending on location.
  17. Question: Can the grips be applied / used on other controllers other than the controller specified on the package?
    Answer: No. Each grip is specifically designed for each unique controller.
  18. Question: What is the timeframe for shipping in the United States?
    Answer: Shipping within the U.S. takes anywhere between 2-3 business days.
  19. Question: Can I purchase products using PayPal?
    Answer: Yes.